About Us

A million years ago… in a high school Magic the Gathering club… a group of misfit teenagers. We didn’t know it then, but those meager beginnings were the start of something truly great.

It was just a couple of us at first. After high school we met more like minded nerdy individuals and gradually added to our close knit circle of friends. We lived for our game nights. Week after week of playing MtG and video games. There were also adventures to the outside world hanging out at movie theaters, arcades, and our local game shops. Often when you saw one of us, the rest of the gang was not far behind. One fateful day sitting at a pizza shop enjoying a slice, another good friend commented “You guys are always hanging out. You need a name for yourselves, like ‘Ruckus’, or something...” The name stuck ever since.

Ah, but the games. Between linking Gamecubes together for 8 player Mario Kart Double Dash throw downs, building MtG decks with killer squirrels, and strolling through our local comic conventions, there were so many games of Dungeons & Dragons. Our DM has been guiding our adventures since THAC0 and rod/staff/wand saving throws were a thing, and over the years our games have aged like a fine wine. We’ve introduced so many new players to D&D that we felt it was time to join the growing D&D renaissance and bring our adventures to the interwebs. It seems many of you agree, as our audience has been growing steadily since our Ruckus Adventures online began.

Thank you to all of our friends and fans that have been showing us nothing but support towards our foray into the online arena. Meager beginnings with a band of misfit friends, exactly how The Ruckus began a million years ago in a high school MtG club… and look at where we are now.

Bring on the adventures. Bring on The Ruckus.

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