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The idyllic valley nestled in the Balinok Mountains, within the larger Greypeak Mountains, was a slice of heaven to those who knew of its existence before Strahd’s arrival. The serenity of the place was forever shattered when Strahd led a bloody crusade against the enemies of his family that ended here with the slaughter of hundreds. Struck by the scenic beauty of his most recent conquest and eager to escape the shadow of his father’s legacy, Strahd made the valley his home and named it Barovia after the late King Barov, his father.

The land now called Barovia is no longer part of the world that Strahd once tried to conquer. It now exists within a demiplane formed by Strahd’s consciousness and surrounded by a deadly fog. No creature can leave without Strahd’s permission, and those that try become lost in the mist.

Strahd allows the Vistani to come and go as they please because he admires their lust for life and their willingness to serve him when he needs them. He also owes an ancient debt to the Vistani people.

Native Barovians have been terrorized for centuries by the one they call “the devil Strahd.” Only a handful of them have the will to oppose him. Barovians congregate in the valley’s three main settlements — the villages of Barovia and Krezk and the town of Vallaki — for fear of falling prey to wolves and other beasts that prowl the woods. Among these people are the Keepers of the Feather, a secret society of wereravens. Not powerful enough to defeat Strahd on their own, the Keepers readily assist adventurers who find themselves drawn into Strahd’s domain.

Recent events lead the adventuring party of DMA into Barovia. After months of facing Strahd's deceptions, minions, and death traps, they finally stormed Castle Ravenloft and defeated the vampire Strahd. Once the ancient vampire was defeated, the entire valley of Barovia was freed from curse that held it in Strahd's demiplane, and once again rejoined the land of Faerun, on Toril.

Notable Locations