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Aarakocra Ranger, played by Kenny

DnD Beyond Link [1]


His entire village was killed by green dragons. Orphaned and lost, he was found and raised by wolves. Attempting to integrate into a town, Horus somehow managed to get himself taken in by a group of slavers. So far, not the best start for Horus.

Fortunately for him that’s when a half-orc named Atomicmass took notice of Horus’s crippling naivete and won him in a game of cards… all while hiding a few aces up his sleeve. From that moment Atomicmass looked out for his Aarakocra friend, always ready to defend him. Horus and Atomicmass eventually joined with other adventurer’s, and a trio of pioneering entrepreneur shield dwarf brothers named the Rockseeker Brothers. The Rockseekers funded much of their adventures, and in turn Horus and his new friends brought new opportunities to the Rockseekers. In time the Rockseeker Brothers would discover the legendary Wave Echo cave, and though one of the brothers was lost in this perilous venture, Horus’s party was able to clear the mines and adjoining cave networks, and bring prosperity by to the nearby town of Phandalin. Horus and his party had a manor rebuilt for them in Phandalin, courtesy of the Rockseeker Brothers and the local townsfolk who desired for them to stay. Horus and his party now call themselves Phandalin Adventurers Incorporated, or Team PAI for short.

Recent events had Horus traveling with his party to the Town of Greenhest. There Horus fought off the Cult of the Dragon, tracked them to their camp, and freed a number of prisoners that they kept there… but at a cost. They camp raised an alarm, and Horus’s closest friend, Atomicmass, stayed behind, sacrificing himself, so that Horus and the others could escape. The events on that day have shaken Horus to the core, as in his short 3 years of life he has suffered loss after great loss time and again. He continues to push forward, keeping the memories of his friends close to his heart, and vowing to strike back at the cause of so much of his anguish… The Cult of the Dragon, and all of their accursed chromatic wyrms.

Current Times