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Githyanki Fighter, played by Liz

DnD Beyond Link [1]


Lithyanki, the githyanki, hailed from the gith legends of old, but most wouldn’t know that being hatched from an egg and raised by her harsh caretakers. What little royalty the gith had were virtually wiped clean from their offspring except for a small marking at the back of the left ear that told of their royal heritage. From a small hatching Lithyanki better known as Kii’na to her gith siblings, had a gift about her. An understanding of both the warrior race and the arcane. She was both spoiled and disciplined upon by both her care takers and family alike. Though the trials of the gith race were mostly over they still faced the perils associated with the strife within both races and the worlds as a whole. They still feared from their enslavement from the mind flayers, and those that would tear what little peace they had away from them.

It was when Lithyanki was but a young hatch-ling that a mysterious traveler appeared bearing a prophesy that would forever change her life. He told of a gith that would rise to power using both battle and arcane magic, she would champion the lands together and reunite the gith races bringing about a peace that the gith race had never seen before. That power however was not to be gained easily for evil would always try to win. The first threat came but a few years later an attack on the small village where Lith was being raised. Many died in the attack and Lith and her caretakers barely escaped with their lives fleeing into the night forced to go far in search of a friend of the family Rii’ku a half elf who was also a master of the blade. When they reached the village that Rii’ku resided in they were welcomed with resistance from the surly half elf not wishing to tangle with a young gith who was being pursued by dangers un-numbered.

However being a friend of the family she relented knowing that the girl would have no luck out in the world on her own with nothing but aging caretakers to look after her. It was decided that Kii’na would now be known as Lithyanki and that name was drilled into her head from the beginning. The care takers that brought her started a new life in the village helping Rii’ku maintain her house and training of the young girl.

The years passed and it was apparent from early on that Lith was very talented in magics and battle magic. Her skills were being honed into a fighter and arcane magic user. The relationship between Rii’ku and Lith grew more fond as they both discovered the ability to survive and fight was hardwired into there brains. There however were forces that did not want Lith to come into her power, forces that waned her dead and taken out of the contention of power. It was at the end of her training that the attack happened.

Once again in the night a dark force ripped apart Lith's life and killed her mentor Rii’ku forcing Lith to choose a life on the road. Witnessing the death of her “family”, and then mentor, had hardened her against forming real relationships. She found that the life of a mercenary suited her and her goals of money and power. So she traveled far and wide earning herself a reputation for being a seasoned mercenary, one that was highly regarded in not only her skill but efficiency in completing the contracts she held. During her travels she learned of the Eldritch knights and with her abilities excelled in her training's. She was armed with a dagger of return gifted to her by Rii'ku, and in the memory used Rii'ku's name as its summoning word, forever carrying the only real family she had into battle with her.

A secret meeting with Pazort, a mysterious figure would lead Lith to not one, but two contracts that needed to be filled. Locating a crystal of The Mighty which could only be obtained by either finding one in the wild, or by being gifted one by one of their members. Using her contacts she sought out a Human called Tenchi, a faction member of The Mighty, who was looking for a mercenary to do a difficult job and she was just the gith to get the job done. At the conclusion of the adventure team PAI secured her services as a fighter and is now not only working with them but Pazort as well.