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Three groups of heroes. Three epic adventures. One legendary campaign.

Welcome to The Ruckus's D&D adventure.

This is a campaign that has been years in the making, and years in the running. Our DM, who clearly hates sleep, is taking 3 adventuring groups and intertwining them together into one overarching story line. What one group does, can and has affected the other. One adventuring groups beloved NPC being coveted by another group, one group crashing in another groups mansion and setting a room on fire, two groups in a crossover game fighting a big bad, and many more shenanigans are ensuing!

This wiki is slowly being populated with more and more of the history of the campaign. Keep checking in for semi-regular updates!


  • Characters - List of Player Characters (PCs) and notable Non-Player Charaters (NPCs)
  • Locations - List of cities, temples, etc., that have been been visited in the campaigns thus far.
  • Homebrew Items - List of homebrew items created for our campaign universe.