Breena Prixis-Trixis Tinkerfitzoink

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Rock Gnome Wizard, played by Bill

DnD Beyond Link [1]


Breena Tinkerfitzoink comes from the Dalelands and is the middle child of 7, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Their home was a very crowded burrow where she lived amongst with her parents, siblings and the rest of her extended family.

From a young age she was always fascinated with the clockwork toys her grandfather would make, and the cantrips he would cast to entertain the children, but most of all were the stories he told.

Grandpa Zookharia "Zook" Tinkerfitzoink was known to have gone "further than anyone else had ever gone or ever would" and had the stories to prove it! Like that one time when he single handedly subdued and rode a red dragon to Silverymoon, much to the consternation of High Lady Allustriel herself! Or that time when he stopped an entire army of orcs with his mighty roar! Grandpa was such an accomplished arch mage, and so humble too!

She learned everything she could about tinkering and gadgets from grandpa, who was an absolute wealth of knowledge! If only everyone could come to him to learn! He had so much to teach.

When the opportunity to study in Silverymoon came she jumped at the opportunity. Despite her family's objections, she was quickly packed and on her way.

Upon arrival in Silverymoon, she was confounded regularly that no one remembered an incident of a Rock Gnome riding a red dragon into town. Clearly these humans had no memory. How could they not remember!?

Her constant questioning and persistence endeared her to an elven Evoker, Sylvar Beisandoral who took her in as her apprentice. Sylvar saw in her a curiosity and drive that many elves did not possess as well as an innocence and naïveté from having lived such a sheltered life. Sylvar warned her that she had made some enemies in her time there, but how could that be? She did everything she was supposed to and even went the extra mile! These silly humans and elves just didn't 'get' her.

Upon finally completing her studies, her mistress sent her out on a journey with very little information to start with. She was to find a focus... or a gem... or.. it was hazy. Her mistress insisted that she would learn the rest of the details as she went on.

Breena didn't mind the vague directions. She saw this as a chance to strike out on her own and see if the stories her grandfather told were true. Even if they were exaggerations (and seriously, why would grandpa tell something untrue?!), it had to be better than the crowded burrow!

Some day she would return... but with her own stories!

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