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== Summary ==
== Summary ==
Human Warrior, played by Jav
Human Warrior, played by Violeta
'''DnD Beyond Link''' [http://ddb.ac/characters/206570/OpWmn9]
'''DnD Beyond Link''' [http://ddb.ac/characters/206570/OpWmn9]

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Human Warrior, played by Violeta

DnD Beyond Link [1]


Caelynne was born and raised on the outskirts of Cormyr, the product of her mother's "youthful dalliance" (as she would put it) with a charismatic human knight. She was the eldest and only half-elven child of her fully elven parents. Though she was shown nothing but love by her mother and ontaro, they never failed to chide her for the "recklessness" and "ambition" they said stemmed from her human heritage. They didn’t do so alone. Even as she soared up the ranks as a militia scout, she could never shake the sense that she was constantly disappointing her parents and the village as a whole with her temperament. So when her family retreated with most of the elves in her village deeper into the forests in the face of human sprawl, she lingered behind.

She wasn't alone. A number of younger elves and what few other half elves there were also lingered, forming a commune where they lived comfortably and in increasingly regular contact with humans. So it was when a unknown gargantuan creature sacked her commune, it was humans from Arabel who came to their aid, among them, her biological father, now bearing the rank of Ornrion with the Purple Dragons of the Cormyrian Army. While they arrived too late to save the commune, they offered the survivors supplies and a home. Caelynne accepted both and shortly after earned a place in the guard, serving under her father. There, as she would come to feel was an inescapable pattern in her life, things went well...for a time.

While she was first welcomed excitedly by humans curious about the elves, her nature began to feel oddly detached yet wild to them. She was admired by her fellow guards for her skill and bravery, but only over what seemed an unbridgeable distance that left her feeling neither fully accepted nor fully comfortable. "It's like...humans NEED spectacle.” She once jovially complained to her fellows at a festival. “Like you can't be satisfied with just the beauty of the world around you." Instead of the playful ribbing she expected in return, they simply looked at her askance in silence.

Her relationship with her father would also decline over time. It began with mutual joy at their reunion and pride in each other’s skill. Soon, she would rise through the ranks of the guard, even being listed for knighthood. Yet she chaffed under the rules and restrictions of their order and the tenets of chivalry and honor expected of them. Too often, she felt, they were excuses to avoid doing what was right in the name of "order" or "civility." Her father, in turn, would feel the need to put ever increasing scrutiny and ever unreachable standards in response to her rise in fear of being seen as nepotistic, and as Caelynne chaffed, he would grumble ever more over her "quiet insubordination."

Things came to a head when her father ordered her, now a captain, and her company to the aid of a strategic ally against the gargantuan creature that destroyed the commune she once called home. Caelynne protested. They were underestimating the creature, she argued, and their ally, the Zentilar, was neither moral nor trustworthy, and not worth the lives of their men. Under threat of demotion she accepted the mission to be there to be there to protect her troops, but in the end, she proved right, and her company would barely survive to escape. The argument upon her return was explosive and became about not just the mission but every simmering resentment between the two and more. To the horror of her comrades, it ended with Caelynne's expulsion from the guard for "disrespect to a superior officer," "gross lack of chivalry for a knight of the order" and "rank insubordination." Her father expected her to attempt to earn her way back into the guard with obedience. Instead, feeling fully at home neither among the elves nor humans, she struck out on her own, as a knight-errant to do what good she could in the world on her own.

Present Times