Felix Faustus

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Tiefling Warlock, played by Kenny

DnD Beyond Link [1]


A parent-less tiefling. Outside of a major town, lived a farming village where my would be "family" lived. His "father" was a racist/peasant human farmer. He tilled the fields sunup till sundown, watching wealthy travelers trek the main road toward a wealthy settlement miles away. He grew resentful and longer for power. This sentiment was strong in the small village. He started a cult to evil forces, pledging his life in pursuit of power. He prayed everyday and one day found me on one of the makeshift stone altars where he sacrificed livestock. He wanted me killed but the other cult members viewed me as a gift from their lord.

Felix lived with them for years, abused by his father and praised by the congregation. Every night they read from a fiendish tome, cut themselves with a knife and spilled the blood into a chalice to drink. One night, Felix heard noises coming from the altar long after everyone had gone to bed. He found a coin his father used in ceremonies, and when he picked it up it fused into his skin and he heard a voice say welcome. Fires spread through the room waking everyone in town. Felx never had felt more free, but the look of horror on the faces of the congregation faces told him this was a powerful evil.

Felix left the next day to make his way on his own, now feeling able to protect himself. He conned his way through the nearest city gates and made a living as a charlatan, always knowing that he had a guide watching over his shoulder, evil or not.

Present Times