Glodira Drunadorn

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Mountain Dwarf Cleric, played by Bill

DnD Beyond Link[1]


Mountain Dwarf of Gauntlgrym hold and originally priestess of Moradin, Glodira was never far from the forge.

Cursed with voices that only she heard, the only peace she found was when the hammer met steel or mithril on the forge. The voices would never be silenced though and spoke to her of a greater power than Moradin or any other gods in the multiverse.

In an effort to find answers, Glodira went to sea for a few years. The voices, however, bid her to return home and reach out to the divine. She took up at the temple to Moradin where she was an acolyte, but her first love remained the forge.

She was commissioned to create a silver raven for an unknown person who proceeded to abscond without paying. Thus, she set out to reclaim the payment as well as the work of forge-art she had made.

Present Times