Gorn Hallowhand

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Earth Genasi Paladin, played by JJ

DnD Beyond Link [1]


Born in the elemental planes, many magic-attuned rocks, that sensed the injustice and evil in the universe, began to morph together to form a humanlike creature, eventually blending into what is now known today as Gorn Hallowhand. At least, that is what Gorn believes to be his birth. No known history is recorded of Gorn's birth or any family relationship, he simply appeared one day. From first gaining sentience, he traveled alone across many lands, blending in with the land, picking up new information, and often finding shallow caves to commune with. He would lie down on the soft earth and at once feel that he and the earth were entwined. Traveling one day, Gorn fell upon a group of dwarven clerics being assaulted by a necromancer and an army of skeletons. He had no bid in this battle, however he felt the earth trembling beneath his feet and he knew it was a command to help. But he didn't know who to help, until a skeleton swung a sword that bounced off his stonelike body. Eventually, driving off the necromancer and his minions, Gorn was thanked by the dwarves and was offered an invitation to come back to their "temple of earth," which he excitingly accepted. Walking with the dwarves, Gorn saw an awe-inspiring mountain with a large door leading inside decorated with fantastic carvings and statues made of the earth herself. He simply asked if that was their home, getting a nod as an answer. After entering the temple and eating with the dwarves, Gorn asked if he could stay here to commune better with the earth. The dwarves said yes and told him that this was the best place to commune with mother earth, but also told Gorn that her name was Berronar Truesilver and taught him all about her and bits of dwarven history. So, the dwarves helped Gorn and saw him grow for many years. He learned all about dwarven culture and even fighting from dwarven patrols. Gorn became very adept at fighting and using his faith in unison and in time, the head cleric sent Gorn away to spread the word of Berronar Truesilver. He was to deliver the lands from evil, ensuring safety for common folk. So, again he traveled across the land, to forests and towns, spreading the good word.

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