Kai Thurvane

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Half-Orc Barbarian, played by Jen

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Kai was born and raised in the human village of her mother, Dotha Thurvane, and her family. Her upbringing was rather difficult, for while she had the love of her mother and her family, the other villagers looked at her as an outsider because of her status as a half-orc. She was treated differently than the other children, despite behaving as a fairly normal child, and this left her with a negative attitude towards most who were not like her. Throughout her childhood, her mother was the most important part of her life. She adored her, and often went to her for comfort when things were rough. Her mother was the only thing keeping her from completely shutting out others, she served as the calm to her anger, a sort of conscience when all Kai wanted to do was give in to the natural anger burning within her. Other than her mother, she had nature to go to. She often found herself, even when she was young, sneaking out of the village at all hours to spend time in the forests surrounding her home. Animals understood her better than most people, and she found comfort in the wooded areas surrounding her home. As she grew older, she started spending more and more time within the forests, reading or otherwise just relaxing only to return a few days later. Her mother worried, but Kai was a smart and strong girl, completely capable of taking care of herself.

Kai was nearly an adult when one night, as she returned to the village from the forest where she had spent nearly three days, she found that the village had been attacked. She rushed to her home amidst the fire that still burned and the carnage to find it nearly burnt to the ground. While she found the body of her uncle, her cousins, mother, and aunt were missing. There was no sign of the attackers and as she wandered around the village, she found that while many of the villagers were in fact dead, many had also been taken. With nothing left of her home worth saving, Kai left the village and attempted to track those behind the destruction of her home. Despite odds pointing against it, she believed her mother and family to still be alive, and she was determined to find them.

It was during this journey, when she was nearly starved and exhausted from days of walking, that she happened upon a nomadic tribe. Feeling pity for the apparently helpless half-orc, the tribe took her in. The elders nursed her back to health, and while Kai didn't completely trust them, she was willing to allow them to help her so she could continue her journey once more. It was during her time with this tribe that the young half-orc was introduced to the ways of the barbarians, the warriors of the tribe. Kai knew she would need to grow stronger, she was almost useless in a battle, and so she begged to be taught their ways and the tribe relented. It was not an easy journey, but Kai was determined, and while she traveled with these nomads she did her best to learn all that she could while still trying to track down her family. Despite many telling her that it was hopeless to search, Kai never gave up hope.

It took some years, but she was soon able to leave the tribe with the knowledge and skills they had given her. Kai then went on her journey alone, with the voice of her mother always with her, guiding her in her path. Kai was still as determined as ever to find her family, and those that had taken them from her. She would not give up until she succeeded.

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