Xandria Duskryn Vesk

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Half-Elf Warlock, played by James

DnD Beyond Link [1]


During an attack on the Underdark by group of adventurers, Kethyn Duskryn was left for dead. He survived his wounds and made his escape as the attack was the distraction he needed to leave unnoticed by the drow. He fled for many days and nights until he collapsed just outside the gates of Neverwinter. Layla Vesk, a guard of Neverwinter saw Kethyn collapse and carried him to her home. Layla cared for Kethyn and nursed him back to health over many months, and shortly after joined in marriage. Upon this union, Kethyn took Layla's surname in order to hide himself from any assassins that might have been sent from the Underdark to find him.

Xandria Duskryn Vesk was born 9 months later to a proud human/drow couple. She has spent her entire life living in Neverwinter, being trained by her mother in combat, and her father in magic. Growing up, Xandria's father instilled in her that her true lineage is that of a Duskryn, but no one must ever find out. She was given the middle name of Duskryn, as a reminder of who she is, and cautioned to not tell anyone. Upon reaching the age of 21, Xandria felt there was no more she could learn from her parents or the city. She bid her parents farewell as she set out on a journey to see what else is out there, to learn what there is to learn, and to find herself.

Maybe it was happenstance, perhaps greater powers at work, or maybe just dumb luck, but her first foray in search of adventure and mystery found her navigating a treacherous mountain pass... losing her footing... and falling hundreds of feet to the ground below. As the earth raced up to meet her, her short life raced through her mind in flashes, and she almost laughed at her ridiculous fate to be a broken splatter across a remote mountainside, never to be seen or heard from again. Seconds before impact she closed her eyes, opened her arms... and fell through an pocket of illusionary terrain.

The wall parallel to her slowly arched and gently caught her into a slide where she was racing through a narrow passage that threw her tumbling into a room, and crashing into a shelf along a wall. Books, implements, all manner of strange objects began to shower over her. Her head ached, and her bones were screaming at her, and she wasn't even fully recovered before a pair of rough hands picked her up and threw her across the room again into another table full of more strange crystal relics. She looked up, groggy, and made out five cloaked figures with short swords drawn towards her. They began screaming at her, asking who she was, one was telling another to just kill her and leave the body.

Xandria, now with her vision clear, saw their bags full of items, saw how they were equipped, and immediately knew that they were looting this... she quickly scanned about... lab? Library? There was a large tank full of water with a humanoid shape in it, a table with vials which looked like an alchemist's dream, rows and rows of bookshelves with books and scrolls spilled all across the floor. In fact, a lot of the items in this room was strewn about, and by the looks of the gentlemen in here with her, they were ransacking it, and didn't want to be seen. And there she was. Seeing them. Suddenly the thought of quickly dying upon the rocks of a mountainside seems a better fate than being sliced through repeatedly in the corner of a strange room.

She began to scramble when suddenly her hand touched something, and she felt a small shock course through her fingers, followed by a voice entering her mind. "They will kill you... but I can save you. We can help each other..."

"Who are you...", Xandria whispered.

"Your salvation. These fools are damaging MY home. MY research. MINE... and I have so much yet to do... but I can't do it alone... accept my gift and live. Accept my gift... and the both of us may yet have a chance..."

Xandria didn't like the sound of the voice, but she disliked the murderous intent in the eyes of the approaching rogues much less. "Yes! Fine! I accept!"

"... excellent... now... uh... just hold on... I, uh... I actually didn't think you'd accept... give me... give me just a quick second...", the voice replied.

"WHAT?! I DON'T HAVE A SECOND! Listen here, you said you were going to!...", but before she could finish her sentence, the crystal somehow absorbed into her skin, and an electric energy coursed through her body. The voice whimsically chimed "... well now... didn't think that'd work... but... hmmm... ohhh, this is going to be fun..." Xandria's right hand suddenly felt a frigid sensation coursing through her palms and fingers, and immediately a large glaive formed in the palm of her hand. Without hesitating she lifted it up to meet two slashing short swords.

The rogues let out surprised shouts, and four of them took several steps back, but one remained, pressing his sword against her glaive, attempting to overpower her and drive his blade into her chest. The voice entered her mind again and commanded, "... reach out, and touch him..." just as Xandria's left hand began to become enveloped in a black shadow.

She reach out. The rogue screamed... his life essence draining from his body and healing Xandria’s injuries. The rogue dropped to the ground, a withered corpse. The other four rogues exchanged nervous looks... then took off running.

Xandria looked to her hands. The glaive shimmered away. She felt a power coursing through her body, and grateful to her new ally.

"Who... are you?" she asked cautiously.

"Ivan... the mighty... and we have much to do, you and I."

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